Maple Almond Chia Shakeology Balls

Shakeology Balls

Shakeology balls are my weakness lately.  They start out as such a healthy snack choice, and then about 450 balls later, healthy has flown out the window, never to return.  I’m determined to be able to keep these craving busters around my house, and be able to eat them responsibly.  And, by responsibly, I obviously mean 1-2 per day, compared to 35.

I was in the grocery store for something else, and I ended up finding this really cool almond butter.  No secrets about it, almond butta ain’t cheap, but when I spotted this Barney Butter Raw Almond + Chia I was tempted to step outside my Plain Jane comfort zone.  This recipe is what happened next…



1 1/4c gluten free oats
1c almond chia butter
1/2c dark chocolate chips
1/3c honey and pure maple syrup
1 packet or scoop of vanilla Shakeology

There isn’t an easier snack to mix up.  Pinky swear.


1. Put all ingredients in a large mixing bowl

*Tip for getting your honey & maple syrup out of the measuring cup: Take a little bit of coconut oil (liquid or solid, doesn’t matter), and smear it on the inside of your measuring cup before adding the sticky stuff.  You watch.  No mess.  Everything will pour right out in to your mixing bowl.  You’re welcome.

Almond Chia Ingredients

2. Mix ingredients together using a large spoon and/or clean hands.  Mix the dough until all ingredients are combined, and you’ve got something that looks like a cross between chocolate chip cookie dough and granola.  Bottom line?  You shouldn’t have lots of oats left over at the bottom of the bowl.


3. Using your hands, form ping pong sized balls.  Line a plastic food container with parchment paper, and you should be able to store approximately 16-18 snack balls per recipe.

Personally, I keep my shakeology balls in the freezer.  I wish I could tell you that I keep them there because they last so long at my house that they might spoil if left in the fridge, but that’s definitely not the case.  They just take a few minutes to thaw, though, and they’re perfect to grab & go!

– Keegan


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